Iranian woman nariated by an iranian womanIranian woman nariated by an iranian woman

About The Beauty

August 2019 | 3-25


Fondazione Teatro Garibaldi

nd Photo Exhibition

Iranian Woman
Narrated by the
Iranian Woman
Iranian woman nariated by an iranian womanIranian woman nariated by an iranian woman

Second International Photo Exhibition Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman

Immediately after receiving the works of the first group photo exhibition “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian woman”, when the results have been presented to the directors of the Garibaldi Theater Foundation and Modica Municipality, it has been offered to WoArt to exhibit it again in August. Then, the highly successful first ever exhibition, was held at the Garibaldi Theater Foundation’s gallery in the ancient city of Modica in June, has created more impetus for a new call to see more artists. The enthusiastic welcome from the visitors and the media have created a new force and enabled them to re-plan and coordinate the event for the second time. Thus, from the 3rd to 25th of August, once again, a new narrative of the fascinating world of the Iranian woman has become part of the walls of the old Gallery of the City.

The Second Exhibition “Iranian Woman Narrated by Iranian Woman” is looking forward for your world: “Unpretentious and simple, deep and eye-catching”. You Narrate!

Why should you participate in this exhibition!?

The following reasons can help you!

  • Participate in an international exhibition.
  • Evaluation of works by prominent referees.
  • Exhibition criticism by international critics.
  • Payment equivalent to indoor exhibitions.
  • Eliminate the cost of participating in the exhibition for ten artists.
  • Send invitation to Modica municipal authorities.
  • Providing brochures to visitors.
  • Two-step evaluation of works.
  • Final arbitration by renowned referees.
  • International visitors.
  • Authentic organizers.
  • Print and offering photos With the best quality in Italy.
  • TV media advertising in Italy.
  • Holding a press conference on the opening day.
  • Presentation of works in the online gallery of wo art website.
  • The attendees will be authorized by the Garibaldi Theatre foundation’s Certification.
  • Producing promotional video with attendees.
  • Preparation and publication of digital catalog of works.
  • Assign two pages to each artist in the catalog.
  • Presentation of an online exhibit certificate for accepted works in the first phase.

About Woart

Reliable flow over a long path

WoArt has been established and guided by a team of academics, artists and Curators in Iran, Italy France and {soon in Canada}, Who will take on responsibilities based on the Features of each exhibition, This causes geographical diversity and creativity in service delivery. The executive and artistic directors of Woart are the core of all its calls.

Executive management is headed by “Ali Asghar Kalantar” and art management is by “Azamat Sadat Geramian”. This part is responsible for the overall planning and coordination of Woart. Thus, other members of the executive team depending on the type and geography of each call work with it.

In order to maintain the quality and cultural and artistic value of the exhibitions, The judges of each exhibition will be selected among the leading artists.

Who are the sponsors of Modica Photo Exhibition?

A reliable sponsor

The Festivart website is the most prestigious and comprehensive database of Iranian and world art, architecture and literature events in Iran

An International position

The Garibaldi Theater Foundation‘s approach is to coordinate and organize cultural conferences and innovations in the fields of music, theater, cinema and all artistic disciplines. All programs are held directly under the Modica Municipality.

A historic city!

The ancient city of Modica is located on the southeast of Sicily, Italy. Current structures, such as St. George’s Church, date back to the Baroque period, but the city’s main infrastructure still rests on Greek structures of the 7th and 8th centuries BC. This quiet city was once one of Sicily’s most powerful economic and political forces. Old trees and chocolate are other tourist attractions of the city.

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