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You can see here Frequently Questions and Answers that Have been raised by audience. If you have questions that haven’t been answered here. please add your question at the end of the page.

No. If anyone do this, their works will not be reviewed in the exhibition, and it will be posted on the website, Instagram and the Woart channel. Unless expressly stated that copied works are be accepted with the permission of the artists.

No. At the initial evaluation that performed by the curator, no charge is received.

Submitted works in two steps will be Evaluated by the artistic director of Woart and arbitrators. Works have been selected primarily by the art director, Depending on the specified topic, quality and standard content of the art works will be assessed on the basis of the form and content of the exhibition. in this step each artist can send five works then the ones that Has the desired criteria can be uploaded to the arbitration system and the works that have been received the most points from arbitrators are selected for displaying in the gallery.

All works accepted by the Curator in the first step of the evaluation will be displayed in an online exhibition.

The “Online Exhibition Certificate” as a file is provided only to artists whose works have been accepted at the arbitration step but they have not been able to attend Modica Exhibition for any reason. The title of the certificate is as follows:

«Certificate of participation in the online section of “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman” exhibition»

  • Seventy thousand tomans will be charged for setting up and issuing certificates.
  • The certificate will contain the Woart logo and the signature of the Woart manager

Wait until the results are announced. In the meantime, arbitration will be conducted and the results will be notified to the artist by email. The final list of works will be announced a week after the deadline specified on the website. If you are not contacted, it means that your work has not selected to attend the Garibaldi Theater Gallery.

The final selected works of judges whose artists have paid for their attendance will adorn the walls of the Garibaldi Theater Gallery.

Having a credible holding team, a two-steps evaluation, working with a reputable and internationality gallery , working with the Municipality of Modica and the Garibaldi Theater Foundation are some of the things that can give you confidence in the quality of this exhibition. Review the history of previous exhibitions for feedback and quality of the exhibition.

Artists will be contacted according to the order of points received to complete their registration by submitting the original work file and paying a fee to participate in exhibition. If they give up after the arbitration’s comment and before paying for the exhibition, will be contacted to the next artists. But if they demand a refund after they have deposited it, it is by no means possible.

No. The special page just will be dedicated to the first to third artists of each call.

Since the exhibition has not had any sponsors, due to the high costs of organizing it in a foreign country, it is impossible to pay a cash prize. Certificates will be issued only to the first to third rank. if we find any suggestion for sponsorship from individuals or organizations to cover this cost, we will action in this context.

There is no need for the physical presence of the artist in the exhibition.

This is not possible due to the large number of artists and the legal obligations of the host.

Selected works should be sent only by email and with the specified criteria. The work will be published by Woart. Refer to the exhibition call to see the Terms of Works.

Woart can use the image of the received works for promotional items that related to this exhibition but this will not “create” any rights of the original works for woArt. The “printed” version of the works in the exhibition and decided about them Except for exhibitions items; for non-public and non-economic purposes will be owned by Woart.

Works exhibited in the exhibition will be removed only if there is a legal prohibition, infringement or counterfeit. In this case artists responsible for all consequences. In other cases, it is impossible to remove the work due to the commitment given to the Garibaldi Theater Gallery.

Yes. Works with good quality and created dimension with any photo recording tool can be participate in the exhibition.

Yes. There is no time limit.

Exhibition photos will be printed in 30 x 45 cm on best quality photographic paper. The photo mounted on the board over time is damaged due to the chemicals in the adhesive and this method doesn’t consider professional for sale. One of the common ways of presenting work at the exhibition is to provide a photo installation on a special cardboard (220 or 270 grams) And it’s mounting on the gallery wall and the works of this exhibition will be presented in the same way. Another way is PVC printing Which is more expensive and definitely has higher quality. we’re trying presenting the works in a second way

Terms of submission of works for participation in the exhibition are fully stated in the call text and FAQ page. Lack of attention by artists to each item can interfere in scheduling and performing   the stages of the exhibition. if the artist makes a mistake in sending the file or information. due to personnel and time constraints, the organizer has the right to Receive a standard fee or remove the work at any stage of the exhibition, for the correction of a mistake or doing things that the participant didn’t do them.

The problem will be resolved by referring to a neutral arbitrator approved by both parties.

According to the Garibaldi Theater Foundation’s approval for the certification, all certificates are issued at least one month after the end of second exhibition and they will be sent to participants by email. According to the custom and text of the recall, the certificate was supposed to be issued by Woart. But it has been suggested that the Garibaldi Foundation issue certificates of attendance that was accepted. It is certainly more desirable for artists.

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