Introducing WOART

Woart’s name is a combination of the two English words Woman and Art, which means women’s art. WoArt has been established and guided by a team of academics, artists and Curators in Iran, Italy France and {soon in Canada}, Who will take on responsibilities based on the Features of each exhibition, This causes geographical diversity and creativity in service delivery. The executive and artistic directors of Woart are the core of all its calls.

Executive management is headed by “Ali Asghar Kalantar” and art management is by “Azemat Sadat Gramian“. This part is responsible for the overall planning and coordination of WoWart. Thus, other members of the executive team depending on the type and geography of each call work with it.

In order to maintain the quality and cultural and artistic value of the exhibitions, The judges of each exhibition will be selected among the leading  artists.

You can also join us if you have any ideas and abilities that can influence the growth and development of Iranian female artists And be a member of the executive team of this event.