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Valid flow over a long path

Woart has been established and guided by a team of academics, artists and curators in Iran, Italy, France and {soon in Canada}, Who will take on responsibilities based on the Features of each exhibition. This causes geographical diversity and creativity in service delivery. The executive and artistic directors of Woart are the core of all its calls.

Executive and art management are Ali Asghar Kalantar and Azemat Sadat Geramian respectively. This part is responsible for the overall planning and coordination of Woart. Thus, other members of the executive team depending on the type and geography of each call work with it.

In order to maintain the quality and cultural and artistic value of the exhibitions, The judges of each exhibition will be selected among the leading  artists.

Past exhibitions

Immediately after receiving the works of the first group photo exhibition “Iranian Woman in Iranian Narrative” and presenting the results to the directors of the Garibaldi Theater Foundation and Modica Municipality, it was immediately suggested to Wowart to repeat it in August. Thus, between 3-25 August 2019, a new version of the fascinating world of Iranian women once again adorned the walls of the Old Gallery of Modica.

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In June of this year, in the ancient city of Modica, on the cliffs and in the valley of the city, in the shade of pine and cactus, on the cobblestone of Roman streets and within the cheering open windows, the Mediterranean sultry aroma and the sacred astringent taste of The 400-year-old olives mingled with the beautifulness of Iranian woman. Everywhere, in whisperer or loud, the Iranian woman’s name was repeated. On June 1, the bell rang in the church of San Giorgio, and time stopped at the old Modica castle. Garibaldi Theater Hall was narrating peace and reconciliation with “Iranian Woman to Iranian Woman” exhibition.

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“Woart” held an exhibition in the city of Sari in the first call of its group painting exhibition, aiming to create a special discourse for Iranian women painters. The received works were judged for entry into the exhibition and were awarded the cash prize, “Certificate of Appreciation” and “Certificate of Attendance” in the physical and digital exhibit.

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Latest News

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  • The Statement of the Photo Exhibition published.
  • Announcement of new artists in Correggio Exhibition
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