The exhibition “Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman” was held in Correggio

After months of waiting, the exhibition Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman was finally held in the Italian city of Correggio.

The spread of the coronavirus dealt a severe blow to the embodiment of science, politics, and culture of man and his nature. The illusion of absolute power in the universe collapsed once again. Man, who longed to discover and conquer galaxies and seek life in other galaxy parts, was defeated by the inanimate Coronavirus. This phenomenon caused the cancellation or delay in holding many events, including the exhibition of Iranian women narrated by Iranian women.

The organizers of some exhibition events, in order to continue their work processes, started to hold their exhibitions online. However, due to the purpose of this exhibition, it was decided to wait for it to be held at the right time. Fortunately, the sympathy of the participants in this event, the exemplary Iranian women artists, provided the opportunity to open the exhibition at a very convenient time and with the European Photo Festival, according to the goal, and to have the chance to talk directly with a large audience. But in the end, all the problems were solved and the exhibition is being welcomed by the audience. The messages that artists receive through the QR Code installed along with the works at the venue are proof of this.

Details of the exhibition of Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman in Correggio

  • Curator: Ali Asghar Kalantar
  • Host: Woart
  • Opening: 29/30 April
  • Visiting days: 1/7/8/14/15 May
  • Venue of the exhibition: The center of the main city Reggio Emilia
  • Partner Institute: Palazzo Magnani Foundation Foundation
    • Website:
  • Coordinator in Italy, independent art group: “Ateliers Viaduegobbitre” (artist collective)
  • Group Facebook page
  • Executive Director and Coordinator in Italy: Fabrizio Fontanelli
  • Fabrizio’s Instagram page:

You can use this link to view the video on Instagram and comment.


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