Self-portrait in Catalog

The invitation to the Artists in order to submit their self-portrait in Catalog

Artists that have participated in the exhibition are invited to submit a portrait photo of their self to be included in the exhibition catalog.

With the completion of the early steps of the exhibition, its catalog designe has started. For this reason, participants are asked to send a self-portrait with the features listed below by email that has sent to them already.

File submission deadline
  • The deadline for submission the portrait’s files: at 24 AM wednesday,March4th, 2020
  • Failure to submit a file on the date that has mentioned means the artist’s unwillingness to include their self-portrait in the catalog and Instead of that, the gray box will be included in the catalog.
Photo file specifications
  • Photo format : jpg
  • Image size : 4×۴cm
  • ۱۵۰ dpi resolution
  • Color: Free
  • File Name: Artist’s name and family only. Acceptable sample: Pegah Ahmadi
  • If the file is not based on the above specifications, it will be deleted and a gray box will be inserted in the catalog instead.
The way of sending photo
  • specifications, open the submitted message by the Correggio exhibition in your mailbox and simply send it by selecting the “Reply” option.
  • Do not create new messages at all.

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