Frequently asked questions about Modica Exhibition

Frequently asked questions about first Modica Exhibition

در همه رویدادها، برخی سوال و جواب های مربوط به مسائل جزئی که در متن فراخوان مطرح کردن آنها باعث طولانی شدن متن می شود، تکرار می شوند. جهت اطلاع رسانی کامل و دقیق، صفحه «سوال و جواب های متداول نمایشگاه عکس مودیکا» تنظیم و منتشر شد.

Opening of the second exhibition

Opening of the exhibition ” iranian woman narrated by iranian woman”: Beauty Narrative

The second exhibition of “Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman” has been opened, by providing prominent works From Iranian female artists.

in the second call exhibition of “iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman” With the theme of “Beauty Narrative”, 74 works in the initial evaluation has been accepted by the curator, and according to the specified instruction,that works has been Recorded by artists on the Arbitration System. Then in the final selection of works Which has done by rating the Exhibition referees, 29 works of 23 artists have got the points needed to attend the exhibition. Also the woart Group`s main criterion for selecting these works was their quality rather than quantity.

Due to the limited number of accepted works in the second call, woart has  decided to Use these terms which provide an opportunity inorder to see more works that submitted at the first exhibition. Thus, with gallery approval, the second exhibit was welcomed audiences and visitors by presenting 170 valuable works in 25th august 2019.

Exhibition Catalog Iranian Woman Narrated by Iranian Woman

Exhibition Catalog “Iranian Woman Narrated by Iranian Woman”

The catalog of the Photo Exhibition “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian woman” has been published.

  • After much effort to get the full details of all the artists participating in the exhibition, the final catalog was prepared. As mentioned in earlier announcements on Instagram, some participants did not send the required photo of the home page to Woart, and because of the long waiting time for catalogs to be extended, it is not possible to stop further. As stated in the initial call and briefings, it is up to Wowart to decide.
  • Catalog content includes organizer notes, artists’ works in two sections, single photo and photo collection, and finally posters and links.
  • Click here to download the pdf file of the “Iranian Woman narrated by iranian woman” exhibition catalog.
Sending advertising files to artists participating in the second call

Sending advertising files to artists participating in the second call

For ease of access and creating your own archive, Advertising files published in Italy has been sent to artists accepted in the second call by email

Click to download each item.

Exhibition brochure
Exhibition poster

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