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The exhibition “Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman” was held in Correggio

After months of waiting, the exhibition Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman was finally held in the Italian city of Correggio.

The spread of the coronavirus dealt a severe blow to the embodiment of science, politics, and culture of man and his nature. The illusion of absolute power in the universe collapsed once again. Man, who longed to discover and conquer galaxies and seek life in other galaxy parts, was defeated by the inanimate Coronavirus. This phenomenon caused the cancellation or delay in holding many events, including the exhibition of Iranian women narrated by Iranian women.

The organizers of some exhibition events, in order to continue their work processes, started to hold their exhibitions online. However, due to the purpose of this exhibition, it was decided to wait for it to be held at the right time. Fortunately, the sympathy of the participants in this event, the exemplary Iranian women artists, provided the opportunity to open the exhibition at a very convenient time and with the European Photo Festival, according to the goal, and to have the chance to talk directly with a large audience. But in the end, all the problems were solved and the exhibition is being welcomed by the audience. The messages that artists receive through the QR Code installed along with the works at the venue are proof of this.

Details of the exhibition of Iranian woman narrated by Iranian woman in Correggio

  • Curator: Ali Asghar Kalantar
  • Host: Woart
    • woart.ir
    • instagram.com/woart.ir
  • Opening: 29/30 April
  • Visiting days: 1/7/8/14/15 May
  • Venue of the exhibition: The center of the main city Reggio Emilia
  • Partner Institute: Palazzo Magnani Foundation Foundation
    • Website: palazzomagnani.it
  • Coordinator in Italy, independent art group: “Ateliers Viaduegobbitre” (artist collective)
  • Group Facebook page
    • facebook.com/profile.php?id=10006359080012
  • Executive Director and Coordinator in Italy: Fabrizio Fontanelli
  • Fabrizio’s Instagram page:
    • Instagram.com/fontanellifabrizio

You can use this link to view the video on Instagram and comment.


Exhibition time has been changed

Exhibition time has been changed

Due to the spread of Corona virus, the time for the “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman” exhibition has changed.

Unfortunately, due to the conditions of the gallery and our partners in Italy and the legal restrictions imposed by the Italian government to prevent the spread of Corona, it is not possible to hold an exhibition on the desired date.

New date of Exhibition will be determined by the conditions of its location and will be announced through WoArt media.
It seems that this time should not be earlier than June, given the WHO’s time estimates of the process of this disease.
Following the information on the exhibition, a promotional video has released on WoArt’s Instagram.
Despite the availability of other promotional items, their postponement will be delayed until the time of the exhibition.
Participants can submit their comments via WoArt’s email to us.

Frequently asked questions about Modica Exhibition

Frequently asked questions about first Modica Exhibition

در همه رویدادها، برخی سوال و جواب های مربوط به مسائل جزئی که در متن فراخوان مطرح کردن آنها باعث طولانی شدن متن می شود، تکرار می شوند. جهت اطلاع رسانی کامل و دقیق، صفحه «سوال و جواب های متداول نمایشگاه عکس مودیکا» تنظیم و منتشر شد.

Self-portrait in Catalog

The invitation to the Artists in order to submit their self-portrait in Catalog

Artists that have participated in the exhibition are invited to submit a portrait photo of their self to be included in the exhibition catalog.

With the completion of the early steps of the exhibition, its catalog designe has started. For this reason, participants are asked to send a self-portrait with the features listed below by email that has sent to them already.

File submission deadline
  • The deadline for submission the portrait’s files: at 24 AM wednesday,March4th, 2020
  • Failure to submit a file on the date that has mentioned means the artist’s unwillingness to include their self-portrait in the catalog and Instead of that, the gray box will be included in the catalog.
Photo file specifications
  • Photo format : jpg
  • Image size : 4×۴cm
  • ۱۵۰ dpi resolution
  • Color: Free
  • File Name: Artist’s name and family only. Acceptable sample: Pegah Ahmadi
  • If the file is not based on the above specifications, it will be deleted and a gray box will be inserted in the catalog instead.
The way of sending photo
  • specifications, open the submitted message by the Correggio exhibition in your mailbox and simply send it by selecting the “Reply” option.
  • Do not create new messages at all.
The Statement of the Photo Exhibition published.

The Statement of the Exhibition

The Statement of the Photo Exhibition published.

Same as Water

Indeed, this only is a section and a segment of the convoluted tale of the Iranian woman. This is only a part of that which you can see. This is a look into the hidden universe, desired world, aesthetics and the very dreams of the Iranian woman. What you see in the media about her is not all there is to the truth. Even television and cinema, as the most important instances of the media in the country, do not represent the same image, content as well as fictional and narrative subjects and notions with regard to her. The motif of a girl or a woman who is in love, is a warrior, sacrifices herself, is oppressed, and is a heroine as well as other roles in these two forms of media do not have an exact one-on-one correspondence and verily are not the same as each other. She herself also does present varied faces at home, workplace, social networks, university, marketplace, advertisement and the like.
This pluralism is deeply rooted in various internal and external factors as well as the situation and the audience which are not predominantly to be chosen, namely, politics, religion, culture, geography and education. But, what is the reason for this convolution? In the role of the transmutation of a historical intelligence, the Iranian woman has become consubstantial with water, having a symbolic and mythical quiddity which has different representations when interacting with various phenomena. At times, she is the mirror itself and the repetition of the love and hatred, beauty and ugliness, as well as the good and bad in whatsoever standing before her. Once in a while, she is as frozen and solidified as ice. Sometimes, she gives life like dew. And, occasionally, she strikes a discordant note like spring cloudburst. Once in a while, she is concealed in the midst of hijab like a mystery and same as a primordial gemstone. And, from time to time, like the one and only illustration of fortune, she transmogrifies into a beloved who deludes and deceives the hermit. At times, she is a surreptitious mystery that is astir to reach the state of manifestation. And, sometimes, she is the dancing reflection of the light upon the undulant surface of an old pond.
In these exhibitions, forty-three Iranian artists will narrate themselves amidst their water-like quiddity, inviting you to observe the flowingly continuous and continuously flowing sorrow of these days of their homeland. Welcome.

Ali Asghar Kalantar / 23 Feb. 2020

Announcement of new artists in Correggio Exhibition

Announcement of new artists in Correggio Exhibition

After arbitration and complete the registration, the artists that their works have been accepted at the Correggio Exhibition have been announced.

The names of these artists are as follows:

  • Fariba Rashidi
  • Mina Baradaran Rahmanian
  • Aida Rezaei Dodani
  • Armaghan Kazemi
  • Marzieh Akhzari
  • Seyedeh Maryam Shoja
  • Bita Molahosseini Konarooei
  • Roghieh Hendavani
  • Somayeh Mohammadian
  • Atefeh Fasihi
  • Zohre Noorizade
  • Faezeh Heidari
  • Adele Pasandide
The guide to the video exhibition

The guide to the video exhibition promotional video was emailed

To attend in the exhibition promotional video a guide was sent via email to artists who submitted their photos.

Due to time constraints, please review the sent email as soon as possible.

After judging the works submitted for exhibition, the highest rated artists were emailed.

Sending email to accepted artists

After judging the works submitted for exhibition, the highest rated artists were emailed.

Artists have the opportunity to complete the deposit by Saturday, February 15th. After that, the process of getting original artwork and video from the artists to prepare the exhibition clip begins.

This time cannot be renewed due to too much time limit.

List of artists that coming from Modica

List of artists that coming from Modica to Correggio

List of artists that had participated in Modica Exhibition and now their works have been accepted at Correggio exhibition have been released

The following artists’ works have been accepted in the initial evaluation and their attendance In the Correggio Gallery have been confirmed. the works of these artists have been received and now they have been prepared for printing. the following list has been arranged alphabetically based on the first name

  1. Fatemeh Moghaddasi
  2. Forugh Kazemi
  3. Hanie Musavi
  4. Hanieh Yavari
  5. Hoda Rahmati
  6. Homa Fatholahi
  7. Kosar Etminan
  8. Mahboobe Seify
  9. Mahrokh Malek
  10. Mahsa Azarnivar
  11. Maral Jahan
  12. Maryam Malek
  13. Maryam Taherazizi
  14. Narges Dibaj
  15. Nasrin Abbasi
  16. Nastaran Fallah
  17. Nazila Mirabzade
  18. Rahele Ghaderi Chubini
  19. Rahil Radmanesh
  20. Salva Vakilzadeh
  21. Samar Samiei
  22. Samira Dadashi Amir
  23. Samira Peyman Pak
  24. Sanaz Eftekharzadeh
  25. Shabnam Raei
  26. Vahideh Momeni Rokh
  27. Yasaman Ebrahimi
  28. Zahra Rahmani
  29. Zahra Tarkhan
  30. Zeinab Ayatollahi

New member of the WoArt’s Executive Team

In order to expand the international activities WoArt has hired a new member in executive team.

زلیخا توکلی

Zoleikha Tavakoli | Translator and Head of International Communications

Miss Zoleikha Tavakoli, painter and researcher, is now working as a translator and international communications officer with Woart. We thank her for accepting this responsibility and welcome her to the WoArt Executive Team.

Refer to the following link for more information on Woart members and their expertise.