Group photo exhibition “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman” in Correggio

Group Photography Exhibition “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman” will be held in Correggio, Italy.

After the Modica photo exhibition, which was welcomed by the Italian media, WoArt has been received numerous invitations to repeat it in various locations. among the bids offers received, One case was a very remarkable opportunity that has been chosen and for holding that Initial coordination have been done. According to the agreements that have been made an exhibition of selected works from the exhibition “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian woman” will be held next to the “European Photo Festival” that known as “Fotografia Europea”. the number of works that will be presented in this exhibition is 50 works That the Italian photographer “Fabrizio Fontanelli” has been proposed to hold this exhibition and also the selection of works have been done by this artist. owners of works notified via email and phone message. Fabrizio Fontanell and his team are  also the curator of this exhibition in Italy. the deadline for the artists to announce their agreement to participate in the exhibition is Friday, January 31, ,2020.

≡ About the “Fotografia Europea” exhibition

This event is one of the biggest international photography festivals in the world that has been founded in 2015 with the support of the Palazzo Magnani Foundation and the Reggio Emilia Municipality. Festival of the 2020 year will be held in the town of Reggio Emilia from April 17 to May 24. In this exhibition European photographers and curators or residing in Europe can be participate in this exhibition. This year’s team is ” Fantasy, Stories, rules, inventions”. An exhibition of Iranian artists will be held as a part of this exhibition. the following links can give you some useful information about this festival. the number of works presented in this exhibition is limited to 50 works and if the artists are not present, they will contact to next artist.

≡ About the photo exhibition of Iranian women artists
  • This section includes information about the exhibition that the works of Iranian women artists will be exhibited there.
  • Exhibition venue: The town of Correggio in northern Italy in the province of Reggio Emilia.
  • Holding venue: Correggio Museum.
  • Approximate holding time: 14th of March until the 26th of April.
  • Number of works in the exhibition: about 50 photos In dimensions 50 x 70 cm + a video that will be displayed at the exhibition venue.
  • Curator of IRAN: Ali Asghar Kalantar.
  • Curators of Italy: Fabrizio Fontanelli, Director of the museum, Laura Sassi, Najme Arshadi.
  • Get to know more about “Fabrizio Fontanelli”
  • Correggio Museum website

≡ Benefits of participating in the exhibition and services provided:

  • The exhibition will be taken place as part of the European Photo Festival and they will have a considerable Credibility and visibility that will help to get every artist recognized.
  • The exhibition will be introduced in the main catalog of the European Photo Festival.
  • The certificate of attendance will be issued by the municipality of Correggio and it will be signed by the mayor and it will be available to artists as a file. however, Woart  tries to get the Original version in Correggio and post it for artists.
  • The Digital Catalog (PDF) for Exhibition will be prepared and it will be  sent to the participants.
  • A video will be made to introduce the artists like the Modica video.
  • TV and Internet ads of the exhibition in Italy will be sponsored by the Municipality of Correggio and the European Photo Festival.
  • As in the previous exhibition, if the works are sold, just the cost of transferring money to Iran will be deducted by service companies. and Woart doesn’t get any percentage.
  • The invitation will be sent by the organizer to the artists in order to attending in the exhibition.
  • We are consulting with a service company to hold a travel tour With installment payment terms. the final result will be announced after the artists answer and complete the works.
  • We hope Woart’s services will provide a greater opportunity for Iranian women to be seen in the international arena.
  • Sincerely, Ali Asghar Kalantar
  • Manager of Woart

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