Call for Completing of group Photo Exhibition Capacity

Call for Completing of Photo Exhibition Capacity “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman” has been released.

The Photo Exhibition of “Iranian Woman narrated by Iranian Woman” is the result of selected works at the first and second exhibition in Modica, Italy in (2019), that was held in collaboration with WoArt, Modica Municipality and Garibaldi Theater Foundation. refer to these links for more information about the Exhibition in Sari and Italy and also you can refer to the WoArt’s Instagram page in order to complete youre information about this call.

Conditions of participating in the exhibition
  • This exhibition will be held with 50 works. The number of accepted works at last exhibition was 30 works but this call will be released for accepting 20 works.
  • The works will be evaluated by three referees and there is no requirement to complete any of the 50 capacities. The referees are FabrizioFontanelli, Laura Sassi and Ali Asghar Kalantar.
  • The cost of submitting each work that has been accepted at the judging step for new artists to participate in the exhibition is 500,000 toman. The artists who have participated in the previous exhibition will receive a discount.
  • The artists that whose works have been accepted in the contest will be contacted and the way of sending works will be sent to them by their Email.

Benefits of participating in the exhibition

  • The exhibition is being held as a part of the European Photo Festival.
  • The exhibition will be introduced in the main catalog of the European Photo Festival.
  • The certificate of attendance will be issued by the municipality of Correggio and it will be signed by the mayor and it will be available to artists as a file. however, WoArt tries to get the Original version in Correggio and post it for artists.
  • Tv and Internet ads of the exhibition in Italy will be sponsored by the Municipality of Correggio and the European Photo Festival. Click here to view media coverage of previous exhibitions in see other videos produced by the Garibaldi Gallery on the WoArt Telegram channel.
  • The video that introducing this exhibition will be produced with the attendance of the artists that have been participated at the exhibition will provid and present. use this link to watch the Modica Exhibition video on WoArt Channel.
  • If the works are sold, all the money will belongs to the artists.
  • All accepted works will be displayed at WoArt’s online exhibition.
  • The invitation will be sent by the organizer to the artists in order to attending in the exhibition.
  • The Digital Catalog (PDF) for Exhibition will be prepared and it will be sent to the participants whose works have been accepted at the exhibition and It will be also publicly available on the WoArt website. in this catalog two pages will be dedicated to every artist. click here to see the catalog of previous WoArt exhibitions.

How to participate in the exhibition?

  • Attendance at this exhibition will be done through judging the works. referees of this course are Fabrizio Fontanelli, Laura Sasie & Aliasghar Kalantar.
  • To submit your work to the Arbitration System, please refer to this link and upload your work on the terms specified.
  • After the arbitration, the owners of the works that have been received the most points will be contacted. other communication steps will be via email.
  • Deadline for registration of works in the Arbitration System: February 10th, 2020.


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